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Paediatric Oral Surgery

Similar to adults, there are many dental conditions that affect both growing children and teenagers. In these age groups, the adult dentition is developing and there may also be a need for orthodontic intervention to correct malocclusion and crowding in the dental arches. Some of these dental conditions can affect the normal eruption of adult teeth, cause damage to the surrounding teeth or even interfere with orthodontic therapy.

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What are some of these dental conditions?

These may include:

  • Retained baby teeth
  • Impacted teeth or extra teeth in the jaws
  • Jaw cysts or swellings
  • Tongue tie

How are these conditions managed?

  • Retained baby teeth can be removed under a local anaesthetic
  • Other conditions will require minor surgery to remove the teeth or treat the condition


What can I expect at the first consultation?

  • A thorough history and clinical examination including x-rays are performed
  • With impacted teeth or pathologies, additional x-rays or cone beam CT scans may be needed
  • Once the examination is completed, a treatment plan will be formulated and discussed¬†
  • If surgery is indicated, an appointment for surgery can be scheduled at your convenience
  • For younger children, the procedure may be performed under an IV sedation or a general anaesthesia if so required